It was in the Ahuntsic sector, in Montreal, in 2012 that Pierre opened his first store under the name of confort plus maison du mattress. Desiring to add tailor-made satisfaction through the reliability of quality products; he is convinced that he would meet the needs of an often under-served clientele. His many years in the delivery and installation service allow him to better understand that customer satisfaction comes first.


Personalized Service

This service policy is personalized through quality products at the best price of the Comfort Plus brand from most companies that have been in the market for too long.

Client Satisfaction

At Confort Plus, customer satisfaction is the pride of our staff.

Constant Improvement

We continue to improve our way of doing things and the enthusiasm of our customers for our products which are renewed every year pushes us to open other branches in order to make furniture accessible to all. Today Confort Plus has more than three branches and ten employees in Quebec.


The flexibility and speed of our delivery service makes Confort Plus a leader in retail.

“Beautiful, Good, Cheap”

Our policy of “beautiful, good, cheap” and personalized sales ensures that our products are sustainable which is a crucial asset for the protection and preservation of the environment.

A booming market

Currently, we are in a booming market with innovative products where the internet is becoming a staple in retail. We are aware that your money is very precious and we are committed to .us making you benefit from every penny spent by purchasing our products whether online or in the branch.

Buy smart and pay without hassle thanks to our web gallery, our catalogs and our showrooms which allow us to present a whole range of quality products at competitive prices. Our payment flexibility allows our customers to shop with peace of mind and to pay without stress. 0e more. our layaway policy allows clients planning a move to buy in advance and take advantage of surprising discounts without paying interest or additional fees.



At CONFORT PLUS, for several years. we are proud to help the most disadvantaged and we are also proud to allocate a percentage of our net profit to community organizations.

We place sponsorships in the journals of organizations such as the Revue Ensemble de la fraternité des police de Montréal and the association of firefighters for major burns.